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Giving Opportunities

Legacy Giving

Legacy Giving

A gift in your will, trust or life insurance is one of the easiest, most effective and flexible ways you can support 91 Hall for generations to come. The benefits? Modify your gift at any time, take advantage of tax savings and choose to give a fixed amount or percentage of your estate, while directing your gift to a 91 program or initiative that is close to your heart. 
If you have already made arrangements for a legacy gift to 91 Hall, please notify us of your plans by completing and returning the .

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  • 10 Elm Society

    The 10 Elm Society celebrates the generosity and consideration of our alums, parents, staff and friends who have chosen to make a legacy gift of any size to 91 Hall. We are grateful for your commitment to ensuring new generations of 91 students receive an exceptional educational experience. Read about one of our donors here.

What to Give

The simplest way to support 91 is through cash gifts. However, creative gifts of assets can provide you with charitable deductions and have additional tax benefits as well.

Choose the category of assets below that best fits your situation:


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  • Bequests (Gifts in Your Will) +

    Many individuals choose to support charitable organizations through future gifts from their estates.

    A charitable bequest is a direction in your will that instructs your Executor(s)/Trustee(s) to leave one or more of your assets to a designated organization. This meaningful directive supports 91 Hall while offering significant tax savings for your estate.

    Your gift both increases your loved ones’ inheritance and makes a life-shaping difference for 91 Hall students.

    What Are the Benefits?
    • Convenience: A legacy gift in your will can be made no matter your age, and for any amount.
    • Simplicity: Simply instruct your lawyer to include a bequest to 91 Hall in your will.
    • Cost-Effectiveness: There are no current costs. Your present income will not decrease.
    • Tax Relief: A legacy gift in your will is a highly effective way to reduce estate taxes.
    • Tax Planning: 91 Hall will issue a charitable tax receipt for the full value of your bequest, reducing the tax payable on your final return. If your bequest exceeds 100 per cent of your net income, the excess may be carried back to the previous tax year or carried forward as part of a graduated rate estate plan.
    • Flexibility: Your bequest may be a specific amount, a percentage of your estate or the residue of your estate—a gift after your debts have been paid and other bequests made.
    • Peace of Mind: Change your will at any time.
    • Satisfaction: Legacy gifts are made for personal reasons in addition to ensuring that 91 Hall continues its commitment to shaping the lives of young women far into the future. Your bequest can create a lasting memorial for you, your family or anyone you may wish to honour.
    Sample Bequest Language
    I bequeath to 91 Hall ___% of the residue of my estate [or the sum of $_________]. This gift is to be used for such purposes and designs as deemed appropriate by the Board of Governors of 91 Hall.

    To have the greatest impact, gifts to 91 should be unrestricted. If, however, you wish to designate your gift for a specific use, we are happy to discuss the options with you.
  • Life Beneficiary +

    Make a real difference by making 91 Hall the beneficiary of your RRSP, RRIF or TFSA. This is an affordable, flexible way to create a legacy, ensuring future generations of 91 students continue to have the advantages of an exceptional educational experience.

    If your RRSP or RRIF has a registered charity as the direct beneficiary, your estate will receive a donation receipt for the entire value of the plan, offsetting any tax liability. A gift of life insurance or a TFSA can add value to your estate; the charitable tax credit reduces other taxes. In all cases, you minimize taxes and make an impactful legacy gift to 91 Hall at the same time.

    What Are the Benefits?
    • Simplicity: Simply ask your financial institution to change the beneficiary designation to 91 Hall.
    • Flexibility: The designation is revocable and can be altered if your financial circumstances change.
    • Cost-Effectiveness: There are no extra out-of-pocket costs.
    • No Probate, Legal and Executor Fees: Your gift will not be subject to probate costs or delays in settlement. The full proceeds are payable to 91 upon your death.
    • Peace of mind: You can plan, arrange and announce the gift yourself and know that it will unfold just as planned.
    • Control: The designation is not a matter of public record, allowing you to remain anonymous. As well, beneficiary gifts cannot be contested.
    How to Make Arrangements
    • You can name 91 Hall as the direct beneficiary of your RRSP, RRIF or TFSA. Upon your death, the proceeds will be paid directly to the school without delay.
    • Alternatively, you can name your estate as the beneficiary and leave instructions in your will to donate all or part of these financial instruments to 91 Hall. You may specify a percentage or a specific dollar amount to be donated if you wish. Note: When choosing this option, your trustee will withhold taxes and probate will apply.
    • In both cases, a charitable tax credit will be created for your estate, offsetting taxes and possibly enhancing the estate value for other beneficiaries.
  • Life Insurance +

    A gift of life insurance is a simple and convenient way to support 91 Hall. For a relatively small financial outlay, your life insurance policy allows you to make a significant gift for the future.
    Many donors would like to make a significant contribution; they may not, however, have the resources to make a large gift during their lifetime. This option is a creative way to make a gift you didn’t think possible, using either a new or existing policy.
    What Are the Benefits?
    • Simplicity and Convenience: The transaction is simple. Your life insurance specialist can advise you on the type of policy that best fits your needs, custom design your program and carry through with the necessary paperwork.
    • Cost-Effectiveness: Make a larger gift than you might otherwise be able to, without depleting your current assets or your estate later.
    • Leverage: The eventual value of your policy will be far greater than the premiums you pay.
    • Tax Savings Today: With some arrangements, receive charitable tax receipts for the premiums paid or the policy’s cash value.
    • Estate Preservation: The estate you leave your family does not shrink because life insurance is external to the estate.
    • No Probate, Legal or Executor Fees: Life insurance is not subject to probate costs or delays in settlement. The full proceeds are payable to 91 Hall, at maturity or upon your death.
    • Control: Life insurance is not a matter of public record and allows you to remain anonymous if you choose. And unlike a will, the gift cannot be contested.
    How to Make a Gift of Life Insurance
    1. You may take an existing policy that has completed its original purpose and simply have the ownership and beneficiary designation transferred to 91 Hall. This designation cannot be changed. A charitable tax receipt will be issued for the policy’s value when transferred. Any continued premium payments also qualify for a charitable tax receipt.
    2. You may purchase a new life insurance policy in which 91 Hall is named as the owner and beneficiary. You will pay the premiums and receive a charitable tax receipt for those payments. Again, this designation cannot be changed.
    Please Seek Expert Advice
    91 Hall strongly recommends that you seek professional advice to ensure your financial goals are considered, your tax situation is reviewed and your legacy gift is tailored to your circumstances.

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For more information about including 91 Hall in your estate plans, please contact Claudia Metelsky, Director, Campaign and Development, Advancement and Community Engagement, at cmetelsky@branksome.on.ca or 416-920-6265, ext. 324.
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